Parking Help Centre

How to use Online Car Park Booking

  1. Book and Pay:

    • Visit the car park booking website.
    • Enter your entry and exit dates and times in the booking form.
    • Click 'Search' to see available car parking options with the best prices calculated automatically.
    • Select your preferred option, enter your personal details, and complete the payment.
    • Keep the booking confirmation sent to your email. You can also receive a free QR code via SMS, which will arrive within a day of your booked entry time.
    • To scan your QR code, use the SMS email on your phone, save it to your Google or Apple wallet, or display it on your phone screen. Avoid printing the QR code.
  2. Enter the Car Park:

    • Drive to the entry station of the booked car park and stop at the ticket machine.
    • Scan your QR code under the scanner on the left-hand side of the gate (see image below). Hold it still for 2-3 seconds and ensure your screen brightness is high.
    • The gate will open once your QR code is validated. (If your QR code doesn't scan DO NOT scan your credit card, press for HELP)


Exit the Car Park:

  • Scan the same QR code at any exit gate to leave.
  • For any issues entering or exiting, press and hold the HELP button on the gate to speak with customer service

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