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How to enter the car park using QR Codes

  1. When you book parking online at , you'll get a confirmation email with a QR code. This QR code is used to enter the car park. You can also receive it via SMS for free, arriving within a day of your booked entry time.

We recommend using the QR code from the SMS, saving it to your Google or Apple wallet, or displaying it from the email on your phone. Avoid printing the QR code.

Adelaide Airport Booking Confirmation Example Email.png

  1. Drive to the car park entry station and stop at the ticket machine
     AAL Scan QR code Animation.gif

  2. Scan the QR code from your confirmation email under the scanner on the left side of the gate. Hold it still for 2-3 seconds and ensure your screen brightness is high. (If your QR code does not scan, DO NOT scan your credit card. Press for HELP)

  3. Once the gate confirms your booking, the boom gate will rise, allowing you to enter.

  4. To exit, scan the same QR code at the exit gate. If you stayed longer than booked, pay the additional fee displayed using a debit/credit card. The boom gate will open after payment.

For help, press and hold the HELP button to speak with customer service.



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