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How to enter the car park using QR Codes

1. When you book your Adelaide Airport car parking online at you will be sent a confirmation email containing a QR Code. This is the QR Code you will use to enter the car park. You can also opt-in to receive your QR code by SMS for free - you will receive your SMS within one day of your booked entry time. 
We recommend the best way to scan your QR code is by using the code provided in your free SMS, downloading your QR code to your Google or Apple wallet, or displaying the QR code from the confirmation email on your screen. Printing out the QR code is not recommended.  

Adelaide Airport Booking Confirmation Example Email.png

2. Drive to the entry station of the car park that you booked and stop next to the ticket machine.  It will look like the picture below.

AAL Scan QR code Animation.gif

3. Scan your QR Code in your confirmation email under the QR code scanner on the left hand side of the gate. Hold your QR code still for 2 -3 seconds and ensure your screen brightness is turned up.

4. Once the entry gate has read your QR code and confirmed you have a valid booking the boom gate will rise and you can enter the car park

5. When it's time to leave simply head to the car park exit gates and scan the same QR code. If you are leaving within the timeframe of your booking the boom gate will open allowing you to exit the car park. If you have stayed longer than your booking, the screen will show the overstay amount you are required to pay. This is calculated on the same great rate from your original booking and can be made by tapping your debit/credit card. Once you have made the additional payment the boom gate will open allowing you to exist the car park.

If you have any issue entering or exiting the car park, press and hold the HELP button on the gate and speak with a member of our customer service team.


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