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Online parking booking pricing

Online parking booking charges are calculated using the times and dates you select when making your booking.  A number of factors affect the calculation including; the number of days parking you need, how far in advance the booking is being made, the location you are requesting to park and availability of parking for the times you have selected. To book online visit,
Our online parking charges are calculated on a 24 hour day basis and partial days are calculated at a full day rate, with  the best options presented to you depending on the dates and times you are looking to park at the airport.

Parking without a booking?

Parking without a booking is possible. The rates for parking without a booking are can be found on our Prices & Payment Options page as well as at the entries, exits and pay machines within the car parks. Adelaide Airport recommends booking your parking in advance on our website to secure to best available parking rate. Should your plans change you can cancel free of charge for any reason up to 2 hours before you are booked to arrive.

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