Parking Help Centre

Can I walk between the car parks and the Terminal?

Yes you can. There are designated and signposted walkways between the terminal and all of our car parks.

Terminal Car Park

The front of the Terminal Car Park is approximately 50 metres from the entrance to the Terminal. You only need to allow a few minutes to walk this distance in most circumstances. This walk can be taken entirely undercover.

The best access to the terminal check-in area is via undercover link-bridge joining the Terminal Car Park on level 2. Lifts and stairs can be used to access level 2 from the other levels of the car park. Click for map.

Long Term Car Park

It is possible to walk from the Long Term Car Park also. This car park covers a large area but is on average about 700 metres from the entrance to the terminal. This distance can be covered in around 7 to 10 minutes in most circumstances. Click for map.

There is also a shuttle bus operating between the Long Term Car Park and the terminal for your convenience. The bus transfer time is 3 minutes and the bus runs on demand in both directions.  Click here for more details.